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Hide details for NetworkingNetworking
SMOYCGHD6ZClient - Replication - Fixed an issue where replication would be slow and eventually fail with message "Network error: buffer was too small" when...
Hide details for PerformancePerformance
THIOCKZA9RServer - Performance - Fixed a performance problem running Domino on Windows 2022
Hide details for RouterRouter
BRISCLPTV6Server - Router - This fix lowers the recognition time for dynamic changes made to certain notes.ini (like Deliver to Junk related ini's) and...
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
SMOYCL28A4Client - Notes Federated Login - Fixed an issue with SAML\Notes Federated Login where the distinguished name of the user contains Swedish letters...
RPAICLFG7VServer - Security - Fixed an issue where web authentication was trying to access the Vault even if web authentication was not set to authenticate to...
SRAOCPCHW6Server - Performance - Fixed a performance issue related to FIPS provider loading. This regression was introduced in 12.0.2.
DNADCPWKLRServer - Nomad server - Fixed an issue where trying to "load nomad" on the Domino server console would not work and would the error message about...
CTOECPKS6SServer - Security - Added workarounds to support HTTP Bearer Authentication with Azure AD and ADFS 2019 and OIDC Login with ADFS 2019. Technote...
DNADCPADG9Server - Security - Fixed an issue where creating a new MicroCA document and setting the document to "enabled" would result in no key being...
NVENCP4NNJClient - Security - Added support for handling policy settings for the SHA2 AES variants for password encryption strength.
VGAECKXFNYA Denial of Service (DoS) Vulnerability in XStream affects HCL Domino (CVE-2022-40151) (KB0106542) & HCL Notes (CVE-2022-40151)...
EPORCLVHVXFix an issue where HCL Domino is susceptible to a vulnerability in libcurl (CVE-2022-32221) (Domino KB0106665, Notes KB0106799)
EPORCNTPX8Multiple Open Source vulnerabilities in the OpenSSL library affect HCL Domino and Notes (Domino KB0106874, Notes KB0106803)
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
SAPLCG3ENQClient - nsd - Fixed an issue with nsd not working on Mac OS platforms Monterey and above
Hide details for SetupSetup
MKINCPCN98Server - Setup - Fixed an issue with IBM i server setup where the TIMEZONE entry for IBM i when in Japanese locale was being set to ZE9 instead of...
Hide details for SMTPSMTP
BRISCL9M47Server - SMTP - Fixed an issue in SMTP when SPF is enabled with the field "Do not perform an SPF check for the following internet hostnames/IP...
Hide details for StartupStartup
CCAYCNKSPYServer - Startup - Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when restarting the server.
MKINCNPT3YServer - Startup - Fixed an issue where Domino was not starting a service the first time, if 'always run as a service' was selected
Hide details for UIUI
AYAVCL7CM4Client - UI - Basic Client - Fixed an issue where some child windows were not receiving paint message because they were wrongly marked invisible...
Hide details for UltraLightUltraLight
HGARCL7AS4iNotes - Ultra-light - Fixed an issue in Ultra-light mode where selecting an address from type ahead list results in invalid mail...


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